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It is a campaign to reduce the use of disposable cups and plastic straws in Ukraine, which do not get recycled or are not recyclable.

Every day millions of disposable cups end up in the garbage, and millions of trees are cut down each year to make these cups.

Many animals and birds are dying from accidentally eating plastic waste.

No, “paper” cups are lined with plastic on the inside to prevent leaks, which complicates the decomposition process as well as recycling.

First of all, cleaner streets and air.

Secondly, our map indicates those shops that are happy to serve your drink in your to-go mug, and also prepare nice surprises for the eco-friendly community. Which surprises? You can find out by clicking on the shop on our map.  And finally – a peaceful conscience.

Establish a system of discounts/bonuses/incentives for guests who bring their own to-go mugs for their drinks. (For example: offering a 2 hryvnia discount for drinks served in the guest’s own to-go mug; providing a free snack with drinks served in a reusable to-go mug; and so on.)

Display promotional materials about this program in the shop, in particular stickers and informational material that we are happy to give you.

Inform guests about the program via personal communication.

Share information about the program in the shop’s communication channels (website, social media, PR activities, and events).

Placement on the map on our website: https://ecofriendlycafe.org/

Reduced expenditures on the purchase of disposable drinkware.

Free advertising and PR through the program organizers’ communication channels.

Creation of a positive image among customers as a responsible business.

If you see such a sticker

feel free to ask for a drink served in your own mug


On this map you may find the coffeeshops serving coffee in clients’ personal mugs. They have a few bonuses for the eco community members. Click on the map icons to learn more. 😉



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